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OCT 2016

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Project Brief

Simple, Professional and Friendly.

Sirius Business had been steadily growing their management and leadership training business, but their website wasn’t representing them well. They asked me to come up with a simple, professional and friendly website that reflected their brand and values.

The Solution

A story driven Single Page Website.

Sirius Business' previous website had multiple pages that users had to click through but not a lot of content on each. Creating a single page that quickly directs users to the service they need provided seamless access to the relevant information. Storytelling, visuals and animation were used to engage the user and generate an emotional response.

Design and Brand


The Sirius Business of change.

36px 700

Are you looking for ways to work and live with greater passion and purpose? Do you want to create positive change in the world, and a values-based culture within your organisation? Are you ready to become the leader you were born to be? If so, you’re in the right place.

18px 300



Jacksons Purple


Havelock Blue


Cannon Pink

Interactive Banner

Fun and Engaging

This animation follows the mouse and links up the stars from the background image. This creates an impactful first impression, and links to the name 'Sirius' which is the name of a star.

Natural Language Form

Conversion Driven

A ‘Natural Language Form’ is a web form worded in language that makes the user feel like they are having a conversation. This makes the questions in the form easy to comprehend and simple to fill out.

I love the innovative, fun and user friendly new design, it really reflects our brand and the point of difference we provide to our clients.

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I created a conversion driven single page website for Sunflower English School.

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