Hi, I’m Nathan Taylor, a web developer, designer and thinker.

Proudly self taught I have a love of learning new things and building my ideas into reality.

Originally from Melbourne Australia, I now live and work in Tokyo, Japan.


Not quite the ancient kind


Born in Melbourne Australia

Growing up in a cosmopolitan city which values the arts exposed me to a wide range of ideas and modes of expression.


Finished High School

My experiences studying animation at school and creating art in my free time allowed me to develop creativity and design skills.


Graduated University

A double degree in Engineering and Commerce allows me to see both the technical and business side to a problem.


Began Web Development

In my free time I began making websites, I took courses online and learned by working on mini projects such as games, animations and traditional websites.


Worked in Creative Agency

Working in industry exposed me to many other disciplines such as design, user experience, content creation and marketing.


Moved to Tokyo

After expanding my knowledge of design and solving problems on the web a move to Tokyo sparked my decision to start creating websites freelance.


My experience puts me in a position to handle the planning, design and development of your website from start to finish. In doing this I can understand the implications of all decisions and communication made along the way.

My streamlined approach allows me to work fast and smart, and pass the savings along to you.

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